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Article III - Membership

                 Sec. 1. There shall be two types of membership in the Club; Active and Associate.

                 Sec. 2. Any person of good character interested in automotive activities and meets the requirements of Article III; Sec. 3 & 4 is eligible for membership

                    Sec. 3. To become an Active or Associate member of the club, you or your spouse must own a modified vehicle 25 years old or older and be accepted by Club vote of Active members present. Fiberglass and reproduction vehicles will be judged by appearance. (That is by apparent date of manufacture)

                    Sec. 4. Minimum age for membership in the Club is 18 years old. All applicants for membership must be accepted by the majority vote of Active members present.

                    Sec. 5. All prospective members must attend two (2) consecutive meetings before they can apply for membership. Applications for membership are to be presented at the third meeting. At that time applicant(s) may decide on Active or Associate membership.

                    Sec. 6. At the time of application, applicant’s vehicle must be street able or in the building process.  Applicant’s vehicle will be subject to acceptance by Club vote as stated in Article 3. Sec. 3.

                    Sec. 7. Each Active member is required to attend a minimum of six (6) club meetings per year.  Any Active member not fulfilling this requirement will automatically revert to Associate membership.  To regain Active status, the member will be required to attend two (2) consecutive meetings with a minimum total of six (6) for the year.  Attending a Club event can substitute for a Club meeting (amended 2/9/18)

                    Sec. 8. Each member is responsible for his/her conduct and their guest’s conduct at all Club activities.

                    Sec. 9.Any member committing unsafe driving acts on public highways or whose conduct is otherwise detrimental to the purpose and standing of the Club may be fined, suspended, or expelled from the Club by a two-thirds vote of All Active members, after a proper hearing.

                    Sec. 10. Associate members do not have a vote in Club business and are not required to attend any regular meetings.

                   {Application form is at the bottom of this page}

Please send completed forms to:


Joe Terino

15 Justin Rd

East Greenwich, RI 02818


Or simply bring it to one of our monthly meetings. Please check home page for this month's meeting location.

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