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1950 Ford Shoebox

This 1950 WIP was chopped when I got it, but basically stock other than that modification. Now it has a 1969 Camaro front end with 2 inch dropped spindles and disk brakes. Also it has a 3 inch dropped 1969 Camaro 10 bolt rear end. A 350 SBC with a Lunati cam / lifters and Edelbrock carb with an aluminum intake are the major changes to the motor.  Body modifications include a reworked rear side windows, 1957 T-bird head light rims, nosed hood, custom reworked grille, 1958 Ford wagon taillights, reworked license plate area, remote trunk opener, filled rear fender seams, back-up lights from a 1964 Ford Galaxie, a reworked rain gutter, removed window vents, 1937 De Soto front bumper, tightened rear bumper and the aforementioned chopped top.  YES it needs a huge amount of body work. A lot of the interior came from a 1999 I30 Infinity including the 6 way power front seats, rear seat, sun visors, rear view mirror, center console, package tray, third brake light, and the Bose radio. Bluto and nine other Popeye figures are hand painted.

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